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The below program is updated as of Thursday, 4 October 2018. All further program changes will be available in the app, or listed throughout the Congress

Business Meetings

Plenary Refresher Stream Concurrent Stream Special Interest Group
Workshop Small Group Discussion (SGD) Masterclass

Saturday, 6 October 2018


Hall C Hall A Hall B Room E1 Room E2 Room E3 Skyway 1 Riverbank 1 Riverbank 2 Riverbank 3 Riverbank 4
830 0830-0845

Opening Ceremony

Chair: A/Prof. David M. Scott

845 0845-0945
Kester Brown Lecture | Leading cultural change

945 0945-0950

Exhibition Opening
A/Prof. David M. Scott and Mr Greg Luck
950 MORNING TEA | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 0950 - 1030
1030 1030-1115 | Plenary Session 1

Why is safety so hard?

Prof. Joyce Wahr
Chair: Dr David Kibblewhite

1115 1115-1200

Pain in the what? Contemporary concepts in pain science

Prof. Lorimer Moseley

1200 LUNCH | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1200-1315 1200 LUNCH | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1200-1315
1315 1315–1415
Opioid prescribing and pain management

Duped, dated, disabled or dishonest. Opioid prescribing in Australia

Dr Tim Semple

Controversies in clotting and blood management

Novel anticoagulants – what anaesthetists should know

Prof. Donat Spahn

Coagulation management in major trauma

Dr James Winearls

Should all patients receive prophylactic tranexamic acid?

Dr Thomas Painter

Cell salvage in modern anaesthesia

Dr Michelle Roets

Regional Anaesthesia SIG

What’s new in regional anaesthesia – an update on current developments.

Dr William Harrop-Griffiths

Block rooms – can they work in Australia?

Dr Brigid Brown

Wound catheter infusions – plausible therapy or wishful thinking?

Dr Kelly Byrne

History SIG

The Evolution & Development of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care in South Australia

Dr Kent and the first anaesthetics in SA in September 1847

Dr Tony Swain

Anaesthesia: The first 100 years

Dr Fred Gilligan


Pathways to innovation: how clinicians can make a difference

Dr Jan Akervall

Drugs and Bugs - Emerging therapies from the field of toxinology

Prof. Glenn King

Proton Therapy: a Positive Change

Dr Michael Penniment

1315 1315–1515 | W 1
ECHO Simulator
• Advanced TTE
• Advanced TOE
1315–1445 | SGD 1
CTVP – presenting ECHO cases
1315–1415 | SGD 2
What concentration or volume to use for your peripheral nerve block?
Dr Jason Koerber
1315–1515 | W 2
ECHO 3D Workshop
A/Prof. David Canty
1315–1415 | Masterclass 1
How to get the job where and when you want
Dr Mark Markou
Dr Andrew Lavender

(Trainee Session)

1315–1515 | W 3
Anaphylaxis 1 (ANZCA ER)
Dr Nagesh Nanjappa
1415 1415-1515
Old drugs and new tricks Prof. Pamela Macintyre
1415 1415–1515 | SGD 4
Planning for retirement – practicalities for anaesthetists
Dr Richard Grutzner

Dr Patrick Hughes
Dr Mark MacLennan
1515 AFTERNOON TEA | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1515-1545 1515 AFTERNOON TEA | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1515-1545
1530 1530 1530–1730 | W 4
ECHO Simulator
• Advanced TTE
• Advanced TOE
 1530–1730 | W 6
ECHO 3D Workshop
A/Prof. David Canty
1545 1545–1630
Women and Children – Updates in Anaesthetic Practice

Obstetric emergencies for anaesthetists
Dr Alicia Dennis

The Addicted Patient

Pathophysiology of addiction disorders

Dr Philip Crowley

The addicted patient with acute pain - why are stimulant users different?

Dr Christine Huxtable

Dealing the Trump card in the US opioid crisis

Prof. Mark Hutchinson

Pre to Post – Patient Care in the Perioperative Period

Monitoring intra-operative analgesia – can we make a difference to patient care?

Professor Guy Ludbrook

Perioperative nutrition

Dr Yasmine Ali Abdelhamid

Residual neuromuscular block - incidence, consequences and prevention

Prof. Lars Eriksson

Neuroanaesthesia SIG

The Pituitary in a Nutshell: Medical, Surgical and Anaesthetic Perspectives

Endocrine considerations before, during and after pituitary surgery

Dr Sunita De Sousa

Haemorrhage control in endoscopic skull base surgery

Dr Alistair Jukes

How to survive pituitary surgery as an anaesthetist

Dr Phillip Quinn

ASA Best Poster
Chair: Dr Guy Christie-Taylor 
1545 1545–1715 | W 7
Anaphylaxis 2 (ANZCA ER)
Dr Nagesh Nanjappa
1630 1630–1715
Journal watch 2018 – what’s new in paediatric anaesthesia
Dr Catherine Olweny
Masterclass 2 has moved to the Draeger booth (5 & 6)
Mechanical ventilation – making sense of the machine
Dr Simon Hockley & Prof. Sheila Myatra
1715 1715
1730 1730
Sunday, 7 October 2018
Hall C Hall A Hall B Room E1 Room E2 Room E3 Skyway 2 Riverbank 1 Riverbank 2 Riverbank 3 Riverbank 4
845 0845–0945
Updates in Regional Anaesthesia

High volume regional anaesthesia – experience from “Hospital for Special Surgery”, New York City
Dr Enrique Goytizolo

Persistent Pain and the Brain

Talking to patients about prescription drugs

Dr Tim Semple

Talking pain – the transformative and destructive nature of metaphors

Dr David Butler

5 pain concepts that can change your life (and theirs)

Prof. Lorimer Moseley

New Developments in Burns Management

The science and the art of burns surgery

Prof. John Greenwood

Burns and the anaesthetist: airway, analgesia and adrenaline

Dr Jonathan Taylor

Controversies in ICU management of burns

Dr David Evans


Strategic Workforce Planning in our Region

Dr Rob McDougall
Dr Justin Burke
Dr Jocelyn Christopher
(President PSA/Fiji)

Dr Liz Inaido-Lee (Fiji)

Trainee Session

Public versus private practice

Dr Ammar Ali Beck

Financial planning

Mr Jon Silcock

Transitioning to consultancy

Dr Scott Ma

What healthcare will look like in the future

Professor Guy Ludbrook

845 ECHO Simulator 0845–0945 | SGD 7
Returning to calm: manage anxiety and phobias using simple and fast hypnotic techniques
Dr Michael Goldblatt
0845–0945 | SGD 8
The environmental
impact of anaesthesia

Dr Steven Gaff
0845–1045 | W 8
Kids Taught Life Support – resuscitation skills for children and delegates’ partners
RN Romy Ottens
0845–0945 | SGD 9
Bullying in and out of the operating theatre
Dr Tim Porter 
945 0945–1045
An update on interfascial plane blocks: anatomical concepts, mechanisms, indications and techniques
A/Prof. Michael Barrington
945 0945–1045 | SGD 10
Collaborative decision making and the role of advance care planning for high-risk surgical patients
Dr Debra Leung
0945–1045 | SGD 11
Optimal management of caesarean section for placenta accreta: planned and controlled – or not!!
Dr Kristen Llewelyn
Dr Steven Scroggs
0945–1045 | SGD 12
Apnoeic oxygenation in your practice
Prof. Sheila Myatra
1045 MORNING TEA | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1045-1115 1045 MORNING TEA | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1045-1115
1115 1115–1200 | Plenary Session 2
Longterm brain dysfunction after anesthesia and surgery – what we know and what we want to know
Prof. Lars Eriksson
Chair: Dr Rod Mitchell
1115 ECHO Simulator 1115–1215 | SGD 13
Regional anaesthesia for eye surgery – clinical update
Dr James Dowling
Dr Pat Moran

1115–1245 | Masterclass 3
Point-of-care coagulation testing in obstetric haemorrhage
Dr Erin Chamberlen
1115–1245 | W 9
Mastering medical life
with mindful practice
Dr Andrew Czuchwicki
1115–1245 | W 10
Kids Taught Life Support – resuscitation skills for children and delegates’ partners
RN Romy Ottens
1115–1245 | W 11
Hypnosis for trainees
Dr Allan Cyna

(Trainee workshop) 

1200 1200–1245
Regional anaesthesia is good for you - or is it?
Dr William Harrop-Griffiths
1245 LUNCH | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1245-1400 1245 LUNCH | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1245-1400
1245 1245–1400
Trainee Lunch | Gilbert Suite

Trainee Poster Presentations

This is what you should consider when planning to do clinical research

Prof. Lars Eriksson

RAG Lunch
Riverbank 6
1300 1300–1400| Edu.1

The Case for Atypical Opioids

Professor Stephan Schug

Sponsored by Seqirus
1300–1400 | Edu.2

New developments in anaesthesia for laparoscopic surgery

Dr Natalie Smith

Sponsored by MSD
1400 1400–1530 | Plenary Session 3
Gilbert Troup Prize Session
Chair: Dr Guy Christie-Taylor
1400 ECHO Simulator 1400–1530 | Masterclass 4
Interpretation of ROTEM: Case-based Discussions
Prof. Donat R. Spahn
Dr James Winearls
1400–1530 | W 12
Major haemorrhage 1

Dr Paul Richards
1400–1530 | W 13
Upper limb blocks
Dr David McLeod
Dr Jim London
Dr Alastair Browne
1400–1500 | SGD 14
Overseas Aid – options and opportunities, and how do I best prepare myself to go?
Dr Chris Bowden
Dr Justin Burke
1445 Editor’s Plenary - Why does the ASA (still) have a journal?

1530 AFTERNOON TEA | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1530-1600 1530 AFTERNOON TEA | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1530-1600
1600 1600–1645
Heads and Tales

Traumatic brain injury – updates for perioperative management

Dr Andrew Wing

Cardiac Disease – What Do I Need to Know?

ECMO for non-cardiac surgery – a guide for general anaesthetists

Dr Sara Allen

Adult congenital heart disease – should I anaesthetise this patient?

Prof. Justiaan Swanevelder

Diastolic heart failure – does it matter?

Dr Thomas Painter

Caring for the Changing Obstetric Population

Measuring BP in obese parturients – can we do better?

A/Prof. Victoria Eley

ROTEM for obstetrics and how to introduce it in your department

Dr Erin Chamberlen

Caring for the parturient with cardiac disease

Dr Jane Brown

Communications SIG
Informed Consent:
Illusion or Reality?

Q&A Panel Session

Chair: Dr Scott Simmons

1600–1730 | Trainee Session

Optimising exam performance

Dr Anthony Coorey

Part 2 Boot Camp Lite

Dr Vida Viliunas

1600 ECHO Simulator 1600–1730 | Masterclass 5
Opioid-free anaesthesia and opioid-sparing analgesia – lessons learnt from bariatric practice
Dr Adrian Sultana
1600–1730 | W 14
Major haemorrhage 2

Dr Paul Richards
1600–1730 | W 15
Lower limb blocks
Dr David McLeod
Dr Jim London
Dr Alastair Browne
1600–1730 | Masterclass 6
Challenging behaviour in children
Dr Rebecca Munk
Dr Rowan Ousley
1645 1645–1730
TIVA mythbusters
Prof. Michael Irwin
1730 1730
Monday, 8 October 2018
Hall C Hall A Hall B Room E1 Room E3 Riverbank 1 Riverbank 2 Riverbank 3 Riverbank 4
830 0830–0915
Refresher Sessions

Updates in upper airway management: should videolaryngoscopes be our first line device?

Prof. Ellen O’Sullivan

From research to better health outcomes – South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

Inflammation as a therapeutic target in atherosclerosis

Dr Peter Psaltis

The intestinal microbiome: an important mediator of chronic inflammatory diseases

A/Prof. Geraint Rogers

Aboriginal Health – from the margins to the Centre

Prof. Alex Brown

Sleep, Sleepiness and Fatigue

Sleep and disease

Dr Sara Allen

Sleep apnoea – new directions

Dr Ching Li Chai-Coetzer

Welcome to Daylight Savings Time: Just a Tip of the Body Clock Iceberg Controlling Our 24-hour Lives

Prof. Leon Lack

Day Care SIG

Safety and Quality in Day Care Surgery: Ensuring an adequate standard of patient care:

Pitfalls with patient and procedure selection

Dr Glenda Rudkin

Regulation of day procedure clinics

Dr Phillipa Hore

Medicolegal discussion

Ms Amy Davis - Barry Nilsson Lawyers

Day care outcomes study progress report

Dr Ken Sleeman

830 ECHO Simulator 0830–1000 | Masterclass 7
Explaining Pain 101
Prof. Lorimer Moseley
0830–1000 | Masterclass 8
Incident reporting, audit and learning from outcomes – using webAIRS in practice evaluation
Dr Martin Culwick

Dr Yasmin Endlich

(Please note this session is 3 CPD Points ANZCA PE)
0830–1000 |W 16
3D printing for clinicians
Dr Matthew Mac Partlin
Dr Ryan McMullan
0830–0930 | SGD 15
Elephants in rooms: taking care of colleagues and trainees
Dr Tracey Tay
915 0915–1000
Striving towards ZERO for deaths directly attributable to anaesthesia
A/Prof. Larry McNicol
1000 MORNING TEA | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1000-1030 1000 MORNING TEA | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1000-1030
1030 1030–1130
Geoffrey Kaye Lecture | Hamel, Monash and One Hundred Years – What can we learn?
A/Prof. David M. Scott
Chair: Dr Peter Seal
1030 ECHO Simulator 1030–1130 | SGD 22
The dilemma of small-town and private bariatric anaesthesia
Dr Richard W. Watts
1030–1215 | W 17
DLT, one lung isolation and paravertebral blocks
Dr Sam Tong
1030–1215 | Masterclass 9
Neuromuscular pharmacology & monitoring – from basic mechanisms to clinical practice
Prof. Lars Eriksson
1030–1130 | SGD 17
Negotiations with hospital management
Dr Antonio Grossi
1130 1130-1215 | Plenary Session 4
How low can you go? Perioperative anaemia management
Prof. Donat R. Spahn
Chair: Dr Peter Seal
1215 LUNCH | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1215-1330 1215 LUNCH | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1215-1330
1230 1230–1330 | Edu.3
Maximise your earnings while in practice – what you need to get it right

Ms Ashleigh Gehlig
Mr Adam McCann

Sponsored by Bongiorno National Network

1230–1330 | Edu. 4
Value investing, business partnerships and the myth of market timing
Mr Carlos Gil, Chief Investment Officer
Sponsored by MicroEQUITIES
1330 1330–1430
Refresher Sessions

Septic Shock, Current Concepts and Management

Dr Stephen Lam

Looking after the Lungs

Updates in thoracic anaesthesia – what’s changed since you were a registrar?

Dr David Cardone

Chair: A/Prof. David M. Scott
1330 ECHO Simulator 1330–1430 | SGD 18
Awake craniotomy – techniques and challenges
Dr Anthony Guterres
1330–1530 | W 18
Fibreoptic, rigid and flexible bronchoscopy
Dr Yasmin Endlich
Dr Jan Akervall
1330–1730 | W 19
Hypnosis for anaesthetists and Critical Care
Dr Allan Cyna
1330–1430 | SGD 19
Sense & Sensibility: the art of responsible acute pain management
Dr Sarah Flint
Dr Michelle Harris
1430 1430–1530
Perioperative ultrasound assessment – seeing is believing
A/Prof. David Canty
VCV 500 x 10 – time to rethink the default settings?
Dr Simon Hockley
1430 1430–1530 | SGD 20
Practical management of Iron Deficiency Anaemia
Dr David Papendorf
Dr Ryan Hughes 
1530 AFTERNOON TEA | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1530-1600 1530 AFTERNOON TEA | Served in the Exhibition Hall | 1530-1600
1600 1600–1730
Understanding Risk in Anaesthesia

Hazards in the operating room

Prof. Joyce Wahr

Checklists – should I bother?

Prof. Simon Mitchell

Communicating clinical risk – what’s in a word?

Dr Scott Simmons


Fibrinogen in trauma: FEISTY update

Dr James Winearls

Tranexamic acid in trauma: PATCH update

Dr Stefan Mazur

PHARM: Updates in training

Dr Rod Mitchell

Acute Pain SIG

Current Controversies in Acute Pain Management

Slow release-opioids – when and when not?

Dr Kim Hattingh

Tramadol in kids – do or don’t?

Dr Nicole Wylie

Medicinal cannabis – medical miracle or annoying weed?

Dr Meredith Craigie

ASA Session - MBS Review Update 
1600 ECHO Simulator 1600–1730 | Masterclass 10
Taking on TIVA
Prof. Michael Irwin
1600–1730 | W 20
Tracheostomy and ultrasound of the neck
Dr Yasmin Endlich
Dr Jan Akervall

1600–1730 | W 19 (cont)
Hypnosis for anaesthetists and Critical Care
Dr Allan Cyna
1600–1700 | SGD 16
Anaesthesia for major maxillofacial surgery
Dr Richard Grutzner
1700 1700
1730 1730
Tuesday, 9 October 2018
Hall C Hall A Hall B Room E1
830 0830–1000
Interventional Radiology Updates

Endovascular thrombectomy for stroke – procedural aspects

Dr Rebecca Scroop

Code Stroke – system design, patient selection and periprocedural care

Dr Timothy Kleinig

Major vascular surgery in the radiology suite

Dr Alison Brereton

Big Changes for Little People

Academic performance after early childhood anaesthesia

Prof. Lars Eriksson

High flow nasal oxygen in children with airway abnormalities

Dr Susan Humphreys

Blinded by the light? Cerebral oximetry in small people

Dr Andrew Weatherall

Airway Management SIG

The many sides to Chris Acott

Dr Kirstie Morandell

An odyssey of innovation in airway devices during Chris Acott’s career – where to from here?

Prof. Ellen O’Sullivan

A first glimpse at the Triple A project (Airway Incidents in Anaesthesia Audit – Australia and NZ)

Dr Yasmin Endlich

Welfare of Anaesthetists SIG

Wellbeing: So what are we doing about it?


Prof. Drew Dawson

Physicians Welfare

Dr Bethan Richards

Churchill Fellowship

Dr Caitlin Weston

1000 MORNING TEA | Served in the Foyer | 1000-1030
1030 1030–1200
Outside the OR

Intubation in ICU – life saving or life threatening?

Prof. Sheila Myatra

Anaesthesia in the deep – intensive care in the hyperbaric chamber

Prof. Simon Mitchell

Medicine in a conflict zone

A/Prof. Susan Neuhaus 

We Cannot Fix What We Do Not Know – The Importance of Incident Reporting:

Using incident reporting to implement change and improve safety

Prof. Joyce Wahr

What we have learnt from the webAIRS airway data

Dr Yasmin Endlich

The Bowtie Diagram as a method for providing knowledge about critical incidents

Dr Martin Culwick

AIC Editor’s Session
Chair: A/Prof. John Loadsman

Postoperative care: what’s broken and (how) can we fix it?

Professor Guy Ludbrook

Beyond ‘thoughts and prayers’ - creating a roadmap for action for doctors’ mental health

Dr Tracey Tay

Opinion Creep, Mirage and Futility: the science of predicting outcome

Dr Kwok Ho

1200 LUNCH | Served in the Foyer | 1200-1245
1245 1245–1430
Closing Plenary
Chair: Dr Simon Macklin

Past Presidents Medal Presentation

HUSH Foundation Australia Performance

Closing Remarks / Farewell

Static Poster Presentations
Poster Number Poster Title Poster Author
8 Pressures in 3-way infusion devices: A bench-top study Dr Jonathan Chua
14 An audit on time to theatre for Neck of Femur (NOF) patients in a tertiary, trauma centre in Western Australia: comparison to accepted national standardso Dr Randeep Kaur Goyal
17 Experiences with a Mentor Program Model Dr Michael Li
18 Clinical Audit: Preoperative Ordering of HbA1C in Upper Gastrointestinal and Endocrine Surgical Patients Dr Simon Yates
20 Prospective audit in real world- Pilot trial of e-clinical audit tool (mobile app) on Peripheral Nerve Blocks in private practice Dr Gurunath Murthy
24 Hospital Readmissions for a Second Operative Hip Fracture in Older Patients  Dr Aihua Wu
25 Nervous Survey:  Prevalence of Persistent Peripheral Neuropathy in Adult Patients Who Received Perioperative Nerve Blocks  Dr Aihua Wu
26 Whose Care Can We Optimise? Incidence of Preoperative Anaemia in Elective General Surgical Patients Who Required Perioperative Blood Transfusion. Dr Michelle Roets
30 Anaesthetic Management in Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) in a Tertiary Care Institution in Southeast Asia: A Retrospective Review Miss Yi Xian Low
33 Hashtag Analysis of Social Media (#ASM) Dr Richard Seglenieks
35 The hidden secret of High Reliability Organisations: practical application to anaesthetic care Prof Jan Davies
36 The Health Economic Impact of Postoperative Complications Following Liver Resection  A/Prof Laurence Weinberg
37 The health economic implications of postoperative complications following liver resection surgery: a systematic review  A/Prof Laurence Weinberg
39 Addressing The Need For Regional Anaesthesia Training  Dr Sara Letafat
41 An audit of ROTEM guided management of bleeding in cardiac surgical patients at a major tertiary teaching hospital using a case control study. Dr Laetitia Deknudt
42 Preoperative fasting: assessing compliance with guidelines and patient understanding at a tertiary referral centre A/Prof Victoria Eley
43 A Study of Pre-operative Analgesic Requirements in Fractured Neck of Femur Patients: Paracetamol, Nerve Block and Opioid As Needed May Not Be Enough Dr Jason King
44 Post-Operative Multimodal Analgesia is Associated with Reduced Opioid Prescriptions After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Surgery Dr Michael Patzkowski
48 OBESITY HYPOVENTILATION SYNDROME: a hidden diagnosis? Dr Natalie Smith
49 A Novel Method of Recycling in Wollongong Operating Theatres Dr Natalie Smith
57 An Audit of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting Prophylaxis in Patients Undergoing Surgery at a South-East Queensland Hospital    Dr Esmond Hii
59 Does triggering an Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response reduce pre-operative anxiety? A/Prof Stephanie Phillips
61 An Audit of Peri-operative Surgical Antibiotic Prophylaxis Administration in Patients Undergoing General Surgery at a Tertiary Hospital  Dr Jacqui Schott
62 Endotracheal intubation versus supraglottic airway device insertion in cardiac arrest: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Dr Leigh White

Offsite Workshops
Pre-Congress SIG Meetings &Workshops
Date Location Name Cost Facilitator(s)
Thursday, 4 & Friday, 5 October The Playford
120 North Terrace, Adelaide
iHeartScan –
Haemodynamic Echocardiography Assessment in Real Time
$1,400 Prof. John
Faris and team
Friday, 5 October Adelaide
Convention Centre
City Rooms 1 & 2
Thoracic Vascular and Perfusion SIG
$440 Trainee/Allied Health
$220 Retired
$130 Dinner @ Jolleys Boathouse
Dr Tom
A/Prof. David Canty
Friday, 5 October Adelaide
Convention Centre
Skyway Rooms
in Anaesthesia SIG
$675 Full
$495 Trainees/Allied Health
$220 Retired
$135 Dinner @ Georges on Waymouth
Dr Suyin Tan
Friday, 5 October Ray Last
Anatomy Laboratories, Helen Mayo North Building
Frome Road, Adelaide
Anaesthesia Cadaver Workshop
$1,650 Dr Alastair
Dr Jim London and team
Offsite Workshops - Adelaide Health Simulation Workshops
Date Location Name Cost Facilitator(s) Max. per Workshop Workshop Timings
Saturday, 6 October All sessions hosted in:
Level 2,
Adelaide Health Simulation,
University of Adelaide Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Building,
North Terrace
Adult ALS
$175 Dr Cameron
12 W1
W2 1315-1445
W3 1545-1715
Saturday, 6 October Can’t
Intubate Can’t Oxygenate High-Fidelity Simulation (ANZCA ER: CICO)
Please note:
This workshop will
take 2 hours and will
run into the lunch break
$250 Dr Yasmin Endlich
Dr Philippa Lane
Dr Doris Tang
9 W4 1030-1200
Saturday, 6 October Can’t
Intubate Can’t Oxygenate (ANZCA ER: CICO)
$175 Dr Yasmin
24 W5
W6 1545-1715
Sunday, 7 October Advanced
Life Support in the Paediatric Population (ANZCA ER: Cardiac Arrest)
$175 Dr Andrew
6 W7
W8 1400-1530
W9 1600 – 1730
Sunday, 7 October Advanced
Life Support – Obstetrics (ANZCA ER: Cardiac Arrest)
$175 Dr Cristi
9 W10
W11 1400-1530
W12 1600 – 1730
Offsite Workshops - New Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) Educationals
Date Location Name Cost Facilitator(s) Max. per Workshop Workshop Timings
Saturday, 6 October All sessions:
Meet at the NSC Registration Desk
Medicine at the new RAH
$25, donated
to Lifebox
Dr David
Dr ChienWei Seong
12 1315-1515
Sunday, 7 October Tour of the
new RAH
$25, donated
to Lifebox
Fellows at the new RAH
15 Tour 1
Tour 2 1345-1545
Offsite Workshops - Mega Adventure Australia Workshop
Date Location Name Cost
Monday, 8 October 4 Hamra Ave,
West Beach
Building Workshop