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Repatriation General Hospital

Professor Leon Lack received his first degree from Stanford University in the USA and PhD from the University of Adelaide. Since 1971 he has been at Flinders University in the School of Psychology teaching and conducting research in the areas of sleep, circadian rhythms, bright light therapy and insomnia. He has received many large research grants, published over 130 refereed articles, books, and book chapters, and given over 200 conference papers in the sleep area. Since 1992 he has also directed the non-drug treatment program for insomnia at the Adelaide Institute for Sleep Health, Repatriation General Hospital. Dr. Lack has also taken an active role in public education about sleep and the body clock through invited lectures, workshops, media presentations, and publication of a popular book on the treatment of insomnia. He also has patents and is co-inventor of a portable bright light therapy device, for the treatment of a mis-timed body clock. Thus he has integrated his teaching, research, clinical practice, public education roles, and commercial development activities in an attempt to improve public understanding of sleep and to ameliorate the problem of insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders in our society.