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Flinders Medical Centre

Dr. Michael Goldblatt works as a Senior Staff Specialist at Flinders Medical Centre and is an Associate with private group Stace Anaesthetists in Adelaide. He completed most of his training in Adelaide but spent time working as an aero-medical retrieval medical officer in Queensland as well as an anaesthetist for the flying obstetric service based in rural Australia, giving him a wide breadth of anaesthetic experience.
He developed an interest (from a position of sceptic) in hypnosis after witnessing a profound therapeutic change in his daughter after visiting a hypnotherapist and since then has trained with some of the world’s leading hypnotists. He has also been involved in teaching on a number of hypnosis courses in Australia. His main interest in the use of hypnosis is for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and has a clinic based in his anaesthetic practice where he sees patients for clinical hypnotherapy for a wide range of issues.

Abstract: Wellbeing: Returning to calm: manage anxiety and phobias using simple and fast hypnotic techniques