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University of Adelaide

I completed my undergraduate and anaesthetic training in Adelaide before joining a group practice in Bendigo Victoria providing anaesthesia at both public and private facilities in 1997.
I returned to Adelaide in 2004 working as a VMO and continuing part time work in Bendigo on a FIFO basis.In 2008 I took up a half time staff appointment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and worked in the private sector.It was around this time that I began to struggle with depression for which I sought medical treatment. Whilst this stabilized my condition I felt I was not the person I used to be.

In my spare time I enjoy practicing yoga and stand up paddle boarding. I am married and have 3 adult children. At this time I began meditative practices to support my wellbeing which began a massive turnaround in my condition. Whilst I had maintained the ability to function at work and at home the “zest “ for life was missing. Mindfulness in particular was the most beneficial practice and that enabled me to not only become well enough to be weaned off medication but also a zest for life greater than I had before my depression. This process took many years of trial and error and I resolved to bring accessible mindfulness to as many doctors as I could. There are many options available for cultivating mindfulness but most are not specific for doctors and consume time that is hard to find in our busy medical lives.

After completing a Grad Dip in Counselling at Adelaide university I qualified as an MBSR teacher at the University of Massachusetts Centre for Mindfulness to gain the skill of leading mindful practices from the training founded by Jon Kabatt-Zinn one of the pioneers of Western mindfulness.

More recently I trained to facilitate Mindful Practice which was developed at University of Rochester by doctors for busy practicing doctors to enhance the experience of medical practice.

Abstract: Mastering medical life with mindful practice